Sandy's Leadership Portfolio

Objective 1:

To improve my sociability and self-confidence

    By developing my sociability and self-confidence, I mean to learn to appear more extraverted and outgoing. In order to seek out more positive social relationships confidently, I also need to develop positive attitude towards my leadership and organizational ability. Sociability, extraversion and self-confidence are strongly related to leadership development. As stated in the Big Five Personality Model, extraversion is the factor most strongly associated with leadership. People who are strong in extraversion and sociability like to be in charge and are considered to have a dominate personality. It is common that most successful leaders either are or appear to be extraverted and confident.

Reasons:     There are two reasons I choose this as my leadership development objective. First, according to my Big Five Dimensions of Personality Traits Questionnaire, I am low on extraversion and openness, which can be summarized as sociability. Second, the Leadership Trait Questionnaire shows that I need to gain more self-confidence. Based on those assessments, I decided to set sociability and self-confidence development as my first objective.


Objective 2:

To enhance my Emotional Intelligence by focusing on Relationship-Building

    Out of the four clusters of competence, I especially need to improve on my self-awareness and relational-management competence. In order to be more self-aware, I need to gain more understanding of my own emotions, limitations, values and motives. As a leader, I also need to develop my ability to handle and inspire relationships with other people in the right direction.  More specifically, influence and conflict management are two weak areas that need further practice. Emotional intelligence is strongly related to leadership development. It has more influence on people’s social life than does pure IQ. Emotional Intelligence is the key to a successful competent leader. Self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and relational-management are the four major components of EI. For my personal and professional development, being self-aware and being able to manage relationships are the most important abilities for me to become a successful leader.

Reasons:     According to my Emotional Intelligence Profile, I am below average on emotional self-awareness and conflict management. Thus, these are the two essential areas that I need to work on specifically in the near future.